Day 25: Halfway there!

Day 25.

Wow, I cannot believe we are at the halfway point. Thinking back to the start of this in Oregon seems like a dream. It is going by way too quickly!

We began our ride from the hotel in Norfolk around 7:30am. We had a wonderful cloud covering for the first hour, even though it was still warm out.

We stopped at mile 26 at a Shell gas station for a quick bathroom stop. Some of our team started talking to a guy named Wayne, who after finding out what we were doing, told us to pick out whatever we wanted for breakfast and put it on his tab. So kind! We got fruit, coffees, and juice, and enjoyed our snacks at the little dining tables inside.

We got back on our bikes and headed out in attempt to meet up with Rachel and Emily.

Except we stopped again.

Mile 42 we stopped at McDonalds to use their restroom and refill waters. We ended up talking to the employees for a while and they took a photo with us! Not even 10 minutes after we had left on our bikes again, they posted the photo to the Ride For Water page, encouraging us in our ride.

Mile 48 Ashlee got a flat. Katie and I could have been helpful but instead we just took selfies.

The road was horrible and bumpy, but soon we made it to our lunch stop with Emily and Rachel at mile 55.

We took a long lunch break inside the air conditioned gas station. As we were getting ready to pack up, Ashlee got another flat. We changed it again, having to patch tubes now because we were out of new ones. Time after time, we would change it and it would pop. We were patching tubes, changing them, and still trying to rehydrate ourselves. Finally, 3 hours after we had arrived at the gas station, we were pulling out.

For the remainder of the ride, we took a couple water breaks, and finally arrived in Blair.

From Blair, we drove down to Omaha, where we were staying that night…. and we were WAY too excited to be in a city. 300,000 people is quite exciting from the 4, 10, and 24, town population sizes we had become accustomed to, so really can you blame us?

Our first mission in Omaha was to find a boba shop. All during the ride, the thing that had been getting us through the heat was knowing we were getting boba once we reached Omaha. It was the best treat.

Afterwards, we headed to Grammy Anne’s house, our host for the night. Her daughter attended APU and was Ashlee’s roommate, which is how the connection happened. She had dinner waiting for us when we arrived, and her son, Wayne (Ashlee’s roommate’s dad) was also there. We had a great time eating Sloppy Joe’s and ice cream.

Also, there were lightning bugs everywhere outside!

It was a great night.




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